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Typography with character

Whether in print or web design, good typography is essential. The right typeface, color and type treatment makes it possible to present a message well. Bolder use of type is quickly becoming one of web design trends embraced by people. Typography-centric layouts can create playful and refreshing results. The typography has a powerdul voice and tells a story all on its own. It has a wonderful effect when supported by creative graphics.

Lord Likely- the journal of a Victorian adventurer and his astonishing actions. Ornate titles and big serif headings allude to the past era.
The Astonishing Adventures of Lord Likely

kidd81 – a very colorful site, intent on grabbing attention. Bright colors and draggable graphics invite the visitors to play with it. The type feels hand-drawn, which makes it unique.

Information Highwayman – all the typeface choices are not overpowering and subtly beautiful so that they draw attention to the content.
Information  Highwayman

Denise Chandler – bold, look at me header. This website introduces itself to the viewer right off the bat.
Denise Chandler

Carsonified – simple, 2-color palette draws attention and makes the interaction between graphic and type really elegant.

DesignWise – a mix of large typography and refreshing color palette show the fun character of this design studio while staying simple and professional at the same time.

Elysium Burns – combining an elaborate swooshy script with clean sans-serif font gives this site an extra bit of character.
Elysium Burns

Finch – the logo is really big. It works well, letting the viewer admire the finesse of each letterforma nd how it connects to the next. Those details would have been lost in a smaller version.

friendly duck – a small company with a big message. The type is friendly, simple graphics help focus on the writing.
friendly duck

Jam Hot – playful critters interact with simple sans-serif type set in all caps.
Jam Hot

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